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Rebuild Gangs of Deadsville has been released.

It's been a few years since the zombpocalypse turned the world's cities into graveyards and sent the few survivors into hiding. Now you must gather them up and restore civilization to a ruined city, one building at a time.

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Rebuild 3 is a strategy sim game with a good helping of narrative and dark humor. It's a thoughtful game that'll make you fond of your survivors before you send them to their deaths for the greater good. As you expand your fort to new buildings, you'll decide between farms or fortifications, housing or hospitals, and make tough decisions to fend off raiders, illness, starvation, and madness. And the dead are still out there wandering the streets, hungrier than ever.

Below Are Recommendations from Past Users Regarding Rebuild 3

Name: Anonymous

Hm, I also agree that towns and places should have a post-apocalyptic look, but it needs more story elements involved. I loved the zombie-religion storyline in rebuild 2, and there should also be more random events as the level go up along with (possibly?) building degration. The idea for this would be that a building is more damaged, so it can't be used for more specific coverage or if too many zombies attack it, it can't be used for defense at all. But that'd make the game a little TOO insanely hard, wouldn't it?

Name: Marco

Rebuild 2 is very cool, especially the character development.

But it's a bit too easy.

'Impossible' sounds much more difficult than it is.

The chance, that somebody is hurt during the attack should be always existing. But if the Zombies really break through the defenses, you should loose much more ressources. For example 4 guys die, 3 are hurt and you loose 3 buildings.

Also scouting missions should have danger like in Rebuild 1 again. (Probably you could replace the skill "scavenging" with "awareness" or stuff, which would raise the amount of found food and the chance to find equipment, but also reduces the danger of scouting missions.

Also I'd like the denfese to be more visible again.

Each person on guard should give a defense bonus of 10 x defense factor + killing skill

Malls and police stations would raise this "defense factor" then, for example standard is 1 and every defense building gives +0.2.

This would mean that the killing skills of guards would become more unimportant as the defense factor raises, which would be realistic, because first they have to fight off the zombies thereselfs, but later on they build more traps and stuff.

Name: Stef

Hi, I'm a big fan of Rebuild 1 & 2, keep it up guys!

My idea of improvement is to allow more flexibility for the buildings. What I mean by that, is that any building could be transformed into something else, maybe with a longer construction time. It is very frustrating sometimes when I'm short on farms but I have a lot of houses and appartments, not to be able to destroy one house to make a farm instead. That's it for me, thanks again for these excellent games.

Name: William

These games are excellent. I loved the weapons being introduced in 2 but after a while stopped using them all together. Once some reached level ten, their having the bazooka didn't seem to do them any good. I think it would be nice if they still got the boost on top of their skill max. That way I wouldn't have to constantly reset all my equipment every time someone reached ten in the particular skill. I play without items now except maybe the gambler's cat on my leader's shoulder just for fun.

The fact that schools and labs could be built but couldn't be replaced was unfortunate. Had one game roll like 5 or 6 labs and I had all my research done before I got to them all. So I don't really have many suggestions other than those two, was mostly just wanted to share feedback with you. Love all you do for us with rebuild it's been great fun.

Name: Gage

I think you should add an internal economy system to truly rebuild and it should be more long-term i.e. weeks instead of days and also develop technology beyond modern tech. It should cover a larger area and you will need to find or develop things like boats to pass to them. also environmental factors like you need heat in cold places and extra water in desert and food spoils in wetlands etc. One last thing you should be able to actually fight zombies like a mini shooter game and you can help your colony by doing well if these are added i am aware it may take a while but it would be great.

Name: Orion

Hello I am orion s. fritz and here are some of the ideas that i have for REBUILD 3.

1.) 1st person mode were if you put your highest ranked leader or soldier were you can go out and kill more zombies.

2.) zombie major or president that is worth 100 regular zombies with 50 zombies pretecting him/her and can be found in the church of the chosen ones after the suisidle colt is made by someone.

3.) an arena were you'll have a 90% chance of someone dieing but you will gain 8 ranking up in attack ability for any body on your. p.s. i am referring to the mission what a price. that is all.

Name: Austin

I loved rebuild and rebuild 2.

In rebuild 2 you could leave the city to go to a new city

In rebuild 3 you should be able to leave the city to take other cities and could back to the first. Plus all the stuff (a.k.a Food Items and Housing) you get from the first should help you in the next.

Other cities should have different buildings then the first. Like some cities have skyscapers and others have Docks, Airports, and Trains. Some would have mountents from before the zombie ascoylbose.

There should be terrian like river ocean mountians volacanos and should be in too like some weater would make a mission slower or more dangerous.

There should be anbanded milatery base that when you get it you get a HUGE defence bouns or some thing like that.

Matt: First of all i think it's a great game, nice to see a zombie game not only focusing on shooting, hitting and burning them all.

  1. 1.Characters should have their face changed somewhat, because i personally don't really grow any feelings for certain of the characters when they don't look like anybody really would.
  2. 2. The soldiers should have rank and not to be a chauvinist, but i think they should be primarily male (it kinda kills my buzz that out of my 5 soldiers, 4 of them being women.
  3. 3. New resource system, so that you have to find food and building material.
  4. 4. Still have the random element of where to find things, but medical stuff will be found in hospitals, guns more likely around military establishments and so on.
  5. 5. New quests and missions
  6. 6. Character development. We all have some baggage so why not let them start with some background and you can learn more about them as the game progresses. Even make it possible that they change throughout the game. (Person A looses hope, person b becoming slightly deranged)

Nuria: Hi! I find Rebuild 2 really addicting, but the thing is... The characters look very ugly and scary hahaha! And the city is too colorful. I think you should give it a post-apocaliptic look ;)

Adele: Loved the first two games can't wait for the third.

I heard alot about having kids and relationships and if you do have kids then maybe you have to wait for the kids to grow up before they can fight. But I think its annoying if you don't have characters that can do anything so maybe send them to work in the farm or do odd jobs like paint houses (happiness), help in the lab (improve skills for later), take care of pets(Happiness) or help cook (saves food), clean weapons etc

Have new buildings, you may also want to have lakes with fish which can also count for food because who wants to eat the vegetables for their whole life? Also have zoo's maybe and more story lines that would be great.

Can't wait for the third rebuild good luck and have fun.

DarkZeroReply: The game was really good.

But some upgrades for the next one can make it better.

For example it's a nonsense you can only construct some buildings in just some places. The new construction can be added with new graphics, it's weird that new builds can be hotels in the middle of an apocalypse.

Other communities of what can be your allys or your enemies can be a good add. And of course more random events especially randoms events that can weaken you, kill your workers etc and that can add more challenges to the game.

Caine Sheppard: You should be able to do Clearing Missions by hand. Recruiting could be improved by having options to say in a conversation. Scavenging could also be done by hand and their quality could have a percentage. If you choose to take food with low percentage, there could be a chance of illnesses or death. Also more different kinds of buildings.

Astar: Well I too have one idea besides the excellent ideas already given. You could add some exciting and mysterious elements in the game by adding a water area as well as an ice clad area. Perhaps deserts too . And these are may contain some artifacts(crash sites, alien and non alien in nature... Ruins etc. ) of course, these shud be kept difficult to find. And should contain some researchable and non researchable items. An underground digging system would also be helpful to find items or for finding oil and other fuel. But I wud recommend the alien crash sites if not the others, coz some people like thses things, including me.

Andy: Great job on the first two rebuild games, what I enjoyed doing was taking over all of the town, not just city hall or whatever. I think North Way games should try to do character development and have more options regarding how you win. (Like before you start, you can select different ways you want to win with little checkboxes, or just have an endless game where you try to survive as long as you can)

BlockMan: I Think That Being Able To Upgrade Buildings, And You Being Able To See They're Upgraded (e.g. Hospitals Taller) Would Be A Good Addition To This Already Great Game.

Game Player: Make the game saveable and so that other people can interact with you like "Backyard Monsters" or "pirate Battles" thats rlly wat i think should happen and some new building like septic feilds, factories, ect.

Cody: I think you should know that i love the first two games but also i think that they should add more buildings like bookstores, garages, watch towers and also a factory and if they don't take my ideas i know it will be a awesome game still. Merry Christmas :)

Austin Lyons:Rebuild 1 and 2 are extreamly addicting and very fun games, and I can not wait for the 3rd. This games is now one of my favorite flash gaems like the last stands and age of war but I think this game could be better if they had,more missions , achievments , alot of upgrades for everything. Honestly I think any game with a lot of unlockable or upgradeable things, make the game worth playing longer. thats my input.

Hunter Wilton: more building types, like sewers, water treatment plants, other types of religous buildings,army and airforce bases, carlots, gunshops, camp grounds, daycares, sky scrapers, nuclear power plants, zoo's, museums, planetariums, convention centers, court houses.

Zach:I love rebuild one and two,for the Rebuild 3 you can put in where you can help shoot the zombies when they attack or when you want to clear out a block,when you go in to a search you can go into the building and search every where,like last stand 3. you can go to other cities or city with a group of people to see if there's survivors and other forts, bring them supplies or ask for supplies, ask to work together with other citys or city, raid military bases for there weapons and vehicles.

You could also put in where you can go out in the vehicles you got and shoot some zed so you dont have to deal with them later when they attack the fort,and some more story plots. With all those extra features I am 100% sure the fans would be pleased, and Rebuild would get even more fans.

Jeramy J Spiff: Hi, I have a few idea's which you may find useful, i've played the game alot and one of the most obvious is each survivor has only space in their inventory, I think pehaps giving everyone two inv spaces and having a third armour space, would be good, items like the chainsaw would take up both hands you see, then one can carry a utility like a spanner aswell as a pistol.

Also increasing the upgrade capacity to well over 10, 999 if possible or 100 max level, with a time scale that is more simlike, fastforward and slow down time, but fast enough so its a real time stratergy. Another thought would be finding specific kinds of items in specific locations, Like medical items in hospitals, Dogs in dog kennals and parks, heavier guns in warehouses and more local guns in shops, still have the random element but slightly more structured. This may require more items for example bottle of wine (increases happiness when first discovered and then is smashed and used as a weak weapon, these could be found in pubs) along with Whisky and Snapped Pool Cue.

In parks perhaps find Chains used as a weapon again more commonly found melee weapons, perhaps your wide and common selection of dogs can be made slighlty more desireable by finding dogs randomly all over but in concerntrations around parks and new area type "kennals", also cats can be found, cats like your gambling cat, can drag back dead pidgeons food, or items, or they can sometimes drag a virus in, risky buisiness, new construction items, Shovel, tacks, mines and traps, all can be used to upgrade specific areas giving higher protection by building traps, u simply arm the builder with trap type(Mines) then select reinforce, and itsa one time use.

Perhaps introducing vehicles inorder to scout super a-far in those giant maps, also could have vehicles stranded which are visible on the roads and individualy liberated by leader types survivors and driven to safe area's, or depending on the type, put too use on construction (digger, Cement mixer), protection(humvee,tank,swat van) Scavanging (Sports Car, dirt bike, scooter)and leadership cars like (police vehicle, swat van, icecream van, loudspeakers) new weapons like Colt45's, Throwing knives, Grenades, Broken Cross's, Different types of churches include mosques, include religion type benefits, Catholic Church will incourage New Borns(when a male and female are left tending at hospital, possibility? Farms and Hydrophonic warehouses (new actions like,"the guys wanna grow some pot, it certainly would lift spirit) sacrafice the food of a hydrophonic warehouse for a fun. Parks and wasteland can be made into farm easy, but cannot be converted into buildings unless one owns a construction vehicle. i can keep going, but lemme know wha u think

Chris Dollman: Finally a zombie game developer that can rival ConArtist games.My suggestion is that it is hard to make a game. However, it would be sweet to see the developer expand on existing features. Such as; survivor characteristics, more weapons and equipment, different buildings that have effects and no effects, pluse differnt texture, an more story plots and dissistions. Even if none of these ideas come true i still look forward to rebuild 3 some time next year or two just inform us when its being worked on.

zGuba: What I would like to see in Rebuild 3 is assistance in equipping fellow men. For example, trained fighters don't need powerful weapons anymore. Reassigning items manually is a rather tedious task in late stage of game. Similar thing could help teaching - we usually either boost development of our experts, or make unassigned newbies useful, without taking special items into account.

Lateshia: I just want to say I love the 1st two games! How bout this time you put relationship with survivors, like marriage, boyfriend/girlfriend etc. Just a suggestion.

Answer: I think this is a really good idea, it would certainly go that bit further to make the characters in Rebuild 3 seem more human and realistic. It would also give the game's characters a new social dynamic and have various affects on how the survivors react and change over time as they loose or grow with their loved ones in the struggle to survive the outbreak.

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