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In Rebuild 2 game your city has been invaded by zombies and it is up to you along with a small group of survivors to reclaim your rightful land piece by piece. You naturally are the leader of the group and your followers will look to you for guidance and to set an example in how to rightly rebuild the human side of a zombie infesting city.

In Rebuild 2 people are your most valuable resource, they are your friends and your soldiers. Whether you are sending your them out to reclaim new buildings to add to your collection and expand the safety zone of your city or you choose to keep them behind to defend against an inevitable nightly raid by the nasty zombies you need to treat them with great care. Finding a balance between expansion and consolidation of your city won't be an easy thing, get too ambitious and your current safety zone will be breached by the monsters, sit too long in your camp and your supplies will wither away.

Your aim is always to look at reclaiming yet another building to expand the human zone so you will always be weighing up which building to take back next. When sending out people to secure a building you need to think about how many to send as sending one along could leader to him or her being eaten alive in their attempts to make your city bigger! The game will automatically choose the most suitable candidate for the job but sending additional support can prove a safer option.

Other factors also come into play such as having enough food to fead your flock and adequate sleeping quarters for them to recover from a hard day's graft fending off the wretched zombies. Your following will steadily expand as you take back more buildings and discover more survivors.

Northway games have introduced a lot more micro features into Rebuild 2 game. Whether it's adding a piece of equipment to each character to improve their skills and their chance of survival or new risk counters such as that of the chance of your city surviving another onslaught of zombie attacks Rebuild 2 makes you feel more in charge of your comrades fate and more challenged. It is a worthy successor to the original game and we recommend that you spend several hours of your life in the game to save those of your pixelated friends!